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      ¡¤Welcome to JiangSu HengHui Electrical Co.,Ltd.! More..
      JiangSu Henghui Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000, located in the historic and cultural city of Yangzhou City. The company is a set of wire and cable design R & D, manufacturing, marketing and service in one of the Jiangsu Province high-tech enterprises, Jiangsu Province, th.. [More...]
      Welcome to JiangSu HengHui Electrical Co.,Ltd.!
      Power cable
      Control Cable
      Computer cables
      Coal safety cable
      Frequency cable
      Compensating cable
      Temperature cables
      Communication cables
      Special Cable
      Add:LingTang Industrial Zone,YangZhou,Jiangsu,China
      Post Code£º225652
      Copyright:JiangSu HengHui Electrical Co.,Ltd.
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